Think Big with Small Content: Our Short-Form Strategy for 10x Brand Growth

Ready to Skyrocket Your Brand's Reach with Short-Form Video?

Leave it to Us – We’ll Handle Scripting, Editing, and Posting, and Guarantee 100,000 Views in 90 Days

(all you have to do is film )

Tired of Stagnant Growth? Our Personal In-House Creative Director Will Help You Unlock a Flood of Inbound Leads and Skyrocket Your Business to Success!

is this you?

  • Finding it challenging to generate inbound leads from your social media?
  • Are you tired of not having a scalable system to produce short-form videos for your business?
  • Are sales calls stressing you out? , trying to close prospects that don’t know you and don’t trust you?
  • Tired of sky-high PPC costs giving you a nosebleed
  • Is it frustrating to have expertise in your niche but not be recognized as such?

My Simple 3-step Process:

1.  Done-For-you Script Writing: When you first partner with us, we’ll work together on what you want to say, how you want to say it, and what your goals are with your personal brand. From there, we will create a custom content plan for your brand and write every single hook and script for your videos, so you don’t have to think about what you’re going to talk about.

2. Recording and Editing: Next, we spend 2 hours of your time per month recording your short-form content with our unique content recording system. All you have to do is sit down with me and talk — I’ll do the rest. You can expect on average of 60+ short-form videos to be produced per month, but most of our clients get more. We then edit every single video in-house, ensuring quality and, most importantly, speed and consistency of delivery (you can’t get this with a freelancer from Fiverr).

3. Posting: Finally: we manage the posting of your content completely done-for-you, optimizing your content for the reach and growth of your personal brand. We guarantee that we post at least one short-form video to every one of your platforms per day.

Why is short-form content important in 2024?

Hey there! Let me paint a picture for you…

You reach out to a potential client 

with a message that really grabs their attention

They’re intrigued and want to learn more about you. 

They Go to your Instagram and see your hundreds of reels of you showing your expertise.

They start feeling like they know you personally, and they trust your advice.

Now, In their eyes, you become the ultimate expert in your field.

Just think about how this boosts your credibility,

How much easier it becomes for your next client.

About Me

My name’s Shubhayan

I’m here to help you turn out your short-form videos into your secret weapon.

While you’re busy building your business, I focus on helping you conquer your niche with authoritative and engaging short-form video content, completely done for you.

No more wasting precious hours going back and forth with low-quality freelancers. With our partnership. You can finally establish a strong personal brand and social media presence to make you stand out in your industry.

You’ll unlock a stream of inbound leads and grow your business with short-form videos every month.

Who is this for?

  • Coaches, Consultants, Online educators, Agency Owners, & Course Creators above $10k/Month who want to scale their business with short-form videos.
  • Business owners who want to establish themselves as a clear authority in their niche and create a defined personal brand with organic content.
  • Entrepreneurs who don’t want to waste 20+ hours/week messing around in Capcut or Premier Pro editing their own videos
  • Market Leaders who are tired of the hassle and inconsistent results from freelancers on Fiverr and Upwork.

Get Videos like These :

How We can Help You?

Ready to scale with Short- form video?

Schedule a Call with me Below

On this Zoom call, we’ll have a quick chat to discuss your current situation and how I might use my expertise to help you.

Don’t worry about whether we’re a perfect match or not – I’ll still provide you with a custom short-form content strategy that can help you establish credibility and authority in your niche.

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